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Bright ideas, in the right words

Finding clarity in brand and marketing is the best way to make buying, selling, differentiation, recruitment and growth easier.

Because most brands stumble with focus. All too often, we'd like to be everything for everybody, but the outcome is nothing for nobody.

Anyone can make things complicated. But to take something complex and turn that into something simple and attractive? That calls for crystal-clear thinking and a touch of creative genius.

I help brands find clarity in chaos by packaging their value into concepts and messages that make a lasting impact. I'm at my best when a complicated thing or vague idea needs to become something meaningful and lovable.

My strongest experience is in B2B tech marketing, where I'm drawn by the opportunity to shape customer experiences and brand relations of the future. However, you'll get me equally excited about developing consumer brands and their stories.

Take a look at my services and let me know if you have a matching problem to solve.

- Otto Antikainen

about us

Makes sense.

Where do we start?

Lacking brand love? Marketing focus lost? Friction in the CX? Tired of poor results? Most of marketing's big issues can be traced back to a foggy brand and messaging. Good thing those can be fixed.

Brand work & marketing communications

Brand key message definition


Message hierarchy clarification

Tone of voice refresh and definition

Brand story workshop

Campaign concepting

Strategic consultation

Positioining and points of differentiation

Content marketing strategy and content plans

Content ideation workshop

Customer interviews and research

​Other sparring (f.i. customer experience, productization, pricing)

Copywriting & content production (EN & FI)

Taglines and crystallizing copy


Blog articles & client stories

Landing pages and other web pages

Ad copy and organic social shares

Newsletters and email campaigns

SEO, editing and translations

Why are we discussing this alone – shouldn’t Otto do the concept for us as he is the best with this stuff?

Communications Director,

global IT company

Brands that I've helped
make sense of their story

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Don't be shy

Thanks for your message! I'll be in touch soon. :)

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